Tips for Gardening in a Small Space

Tips for Gardening in a Small Space

A true gardener does not need a lot of space to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers. In fact, a grower does not even need a garden to produce a beautiful and tasty seasonal crop. All the home gardener needs is a small space and a little imagination.

Getting the Most Out of Gardening in a Small Space

Here are a few tips to make the most out of gardens in even the most petite patches of green.

Go long

Fill long containers with bright petunias, begonias and other flowers to brighten up window ledges, porch railings, balconies or walkways.

Install flowerboxes

Installing a flowerbox takes just a few screws and a little imagination. Flowerboxes can brighten garden sheds, garages, carports and more.

Step it up

Put potted plants on the steps to create a grand green entrance. Steps are strong and can support a lot of weight, so they can support potted fruit trees and other types of large plants.

Hang it up

Hang old teapots on railings; fill the teapots with ivy or other vines for dramatic effect.

Stack them up

Create layers of living beauty by creating tiers on which to stack plants. Put one plant on the ground, for example, and set another on a brick behind the first plant. Next, put a third plant on an old chair or egg crate and a fourth on a shelf. Put a plant in a hanging basket so that it drapes down onto the other plants.

Up an arbor

Arbors make a lovely addition to any garden and take up very little space. Add an arbor over the sidewalk to your home, over the path to the shed or even against the side of a building.

Go big with tiny plants

Experiment with plants that take up very little space. American Meadows suggests planting tiny perennials that make a big statement, including bleeding heart (Dicentra spp), lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria majalis), turtlehead (Chelone obliqua) and columbine (Aquilegia Canadensis). Choose plants that emit intoxicating fragrances and create splashes of color to satisfy the senses.

Use containers

Instead of putting plants in the ground where they can be overrun with weeds and bugs, put plants in pots and other attractive, unique containers. Position the containers on extra chairs, tables, fences and steps. Hanging plants can also add lushness without gobbling up space.

Go vertical

Because they grow up instead of out, vertical gardens can save a tremendous amount of space. Vertical gardens can hide ugly walls or buildings and create shade. Do It Yourself says that vertical gardens can even insulate buildings and capture rainwater to reduce runoff.

Purchase a vertical garden tower, which allows you to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. You can also build a vertical garden from trellises and fences to create living walls.

Shutter them

Use salvaged shutters to go vertical. Simply secure old shutters to a wall and staple weed-cloth packets behind each shutter to hold the root balls. Put succulents or other attractive vegetation in so that they peek out from the openings between the slats.

Hang wooly pockets

Wooly pockets, also known by a variety of brand names like Wally Grow, create beautiful living walls. Gardeners can fill the pockets with their favorite plants, and then hang the pockets on fences to create an astonishing vertical garden.

Bag it

Manufacturers now make portable natural fabric bags that feature handles so gardeners can move the bagged plants in and out of the sun, or in and out of the way, as needed. These “grow bags” are perfect for those with limited access to soil.

Surround your tiny garden with wide open spaces

Nothing makes a tiny garden seem larger than a backdrop of wide-open spaces. Even the smallest garden seems more majestic when surrounded by a beautiful living environment, like Cedar Grove in historic Parkersburg. Cedar Grove offers the peace and quiet of country life in a location that is still near city services and amenities. Our front porch provides a magnificent view of gently rolling hills and a riding area. Cedar Grove features comfortable living with a garden-like view. Contact us today to see for yourself and schedule a tour.