Exposing The Myths and Realities
of an Assisted Living Community

Many individuals and retirement communities have negative feelings about the term “nursing home.” Nevertheless, this is a common term people use when searching for retirement communities and other senior living options. To be fair, not too long ago there were only nursing homes to choose from. However, today’s senior living industry has evolved to include retirement homes, independent living communities, assisted living facilities, memory care homes, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), and each one is unique. You may ask, then why do all of these different varieties of living options get lumped under the category of “nursing homes” which doesn’t have a positive perception?

Public perception is often slow to change, and many people hold these outdated opinions of retirement communities and assisted living communities based on the myths and experiences of what nursing homes were years ago. Cedar Grove is an assisted living retirement community that is working to change the perceptions of Parkersburg nursing homes and senior living options today.

Perception – Retirement communities are hospitals.

Parkersburg Nursing HomesMyth – Nursing homes are similar to the way they’ve been depicted in movies. It appears that seniors live in a cold, sterile, and hospital-like environment. There are bright, fluorescent lights on the ceilings, metal railings along the walls, medical beds in a patient’s room, and abundant silence.

Reality – Cedar Grove Senior Living has provided a caring, friendly and nurturing atmosphere for seniors for more than 30 years. Residents enjoy their independence while receiving supportive services tailored to their individual needs in a warm environment. Seniors are encouraged to decorate with their personal belongings to make Cedar Grove feel just like home.  While we do offer the same constant care as one receives in a hospital, we go beyond healthcare-related services to include the physical, personal and spiritual needs and desires of the resident and his or her family. 

Perception – There aren’t any choices.

No Choices

Myth – Seniors lose their independence completely when they move to a nursing home. The medical staff determines all of the decisions that need to be made for the patient. The level of care, living environment and activities taken part in are all out of the senior’s control. 

Reality – Cedar Grove residents maintain their personal routines and independence. A variety of living options are available and residents are encouraged to be as active as they can be. Activities in our community are designed with choice, enjoyment, and a range of ability in mind. Care plans are developed and evolve over time with balanced involvement from our staff, the resident, and his or her family.

Perception – All the food is bad.


Myth – Once one leaves their home, they will never enjoy a home-cooked meal again. They will be served bland, tasteless food for each meal in an uncomfortable cafeteria.  

Reality -Residents at Cedar Grove enjoy three fresh meals and three snacks daily in the full service dining room. Our staff provides delicious, nutritious food and special dietary needs can be accommodated.


Perception – Care is subpar and staff is unpleasant.

Skilled nursing

Myth – A senior in a nursing home may receive care from someone who isn’t invested in their overall well-being. The staff member likely detests their job and is simply going through the necessary routines of the day. The staff hasn’t received proper training and treats residents unprofessionally. 

Reality – Cedar Grove is operated by trained professionals who are committed to quality care and helping others. Our highly trained staff of registered and licensed practical nurses and experienced caregivers develop deep personal connections, friendships, and relationships with residents.  Our staff is available around-the-clock to give your loved one the gentle, compassionate care he or she needs.


Perception – There is no privacy.

Door knob

Myth – When you live in a nursing home, you must share a bedroom with someone else. Seniors cannot close the doors to their rooms in order to have privacy. Doctors and nurses have the right to walk in and out as they please.

Reality – Residents at Cedar Grove certainly have a right to privacy and can choose between a cozy private room, the spacious comfort of a suite, or the companionship of a semi-private room. Our staff understands the balance between privacy and a safe, secure environment. We respect resident privacy and show common courtesy, such as knocking before entering a resident’s room.



Perception – Assisted living communities are lonely.

Woman walking

Myth – When a senior resides in a nursing home, they are alone in a strange new place. There isn’t anyone who cares for them and they spend much of their time in solitude, often depressed. Family and friends cannot visit and there isn’t much for one to do. Seniors are forced to leave behind the friends, pets, and daily activities they once enjoyed when they move away to a nursing home.

Reality – The staff at Cedar Grove understands that while their loving care provides a level of companionship for residents, the support and love of family and friends is vital. Family members are encouraged to visit regularly and endless social opportunities are available through resident programming. Also, Cedar Grove is a pet-friendly community. We recognize that pets provide companionship and will encourage physical exercise which may ease any feelings of stress, depression or loneliness.


Perception – There are no amenities, just medical care.

Medicine in Nursing home

Myth – The focus on care in a nursing home is centered primarily on the physical issues of the individual.  There are solely doctors and nurses at the facility who ‘make their rounds’ and are only concerned with treatment of specific medical issues. All seniors can expect to do in a nursing home is sleep, read, eat, and watch television.

Reality – Cedar Grove has an outstanding activity staff that plans programming to address both the cognitive and physical needs of our residents. Our staff helps residents develop their personal interests, discover their potential, and enjoy recreational time. Daily activity programs include crafts, seasonal gardening, music, exercise, guest speakers, on-site bowling, and live entertainment.  Residents are encouraged to be as active as they can be!


Many of our residents report that living at Cedar Grove is one of the happiest times of their lives! We invite you to contact us and learn more about the reality of daily life at our West Virginia Assisted Living community today.